quarta-feira, junho 11, 2008

Poesia de Junho XI

An Empty Glass

The empty glass
on the table
simply stands there, looking the same as yesterday.
It is neither asleep
nor open-eyed.

It simply stands until someone comes stepping lightly
carefully fills it full of water,
or until a day later, or a year later,
an empty hand comes
and grasps it.

Beside it an ashtray
with spent matches,
a year later again
beyond it a rusty lighter
lies abandoned like some dead soul.

The empty hand that comes and goes as if crossing
back and forth between this world and the world beyond,
that transparent skull,
those thirsting lips:
while they all lie rotting in the tomb,

the empty glass
simply stands there, looking the same as yesterday.

Moon Dok-soo (1928 -)
traduzido por Brother Anthony of Taize

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