quarta-feira, junho 25, 2008

Poesia de Junho XXV


today’s means of communication
lets us learn
the worst

I can’t hear anything
but björk björk

and our total multi-vectorism
becomes local bipolarity
because walking on fire
is easier than breathing fire
because loving you
is almost like being in love
because with replacement joints
satisfaction is guaranteed

you see
life’s monkey strokes impatient fingers
with his cold tongue
and every cloud
clings to another
just so
trains leave on time
only to return . . .

you know? — but you definitely don’t know
right? — but surely the truth is not that pleasant

trains really do leave on time
but somehow we’re always late

I can’t hear anything
speak slowly

Dmytro Lazutkin (1978 - )
tradução de Mark Andryczyk and Andrij Kudla Wynnyckyj

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