segunda-feira, maio 24, 2010


When Vasco da Gama captained Benfica,
those were the glory days. Vasco led
from the back, with Nick Coelho as keeper,
and his brother Paulo as inside-forward,

and Leonard Ribeira, an old fashioned winger
(except when eyeing the girls in the crowd),
and the spinter Fernão Veloso as striker,
with Diogo and Álvaro, all proud to wear red.

Those were the times of adventures and clout,
with Dom Manoel our manager-trainer
and Peru de Covilhã our roving scout.

Today we´re trophy less, bankrupt and disdainerd,
longing for Sebastian, cresting some tidal wave
on his surf-board, to alight in the Algarve.

Landeg White

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